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Zekhai's life turns upside-down when Kuroi brings her to Silana, the world her late mother came from. After they part ways, Zekhai learns grim truths—her mother had secrets and powerful enemies, including Valehand, a cunning ruler of Four Provinces. With newfound allies, Zekhai races to understand the new world and her mother’s old life, navigating growing tensions and the looming threat of war. 


Meanwhile, Kuroi is after his enemies from Silana’s upper echelons while trying to reconcile with his past. And when their paths cross again, Zekhai realizes he might be the last piece of the story she is trying to unravel. But he also challenges everything Zekhai thought she knew about her family, her new world, and herself.

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The Book Of Contradictions (TBOC) is an original fantasy graphic novel by Kristina Zakhozhai

Copyright registered at 2018-04-16. Registration Number 1149025

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